Golf Clubs in Kimberley

South Africa boasts a number of world class golf courses each in their own unique setting, from fairways in the bush where zebra roam freely, to the greens of the coast where welcoming breezes blow off the ocean. Kimberley Golf Club is one of those which offers a golf course with greens began as sand putting browns, followed by diamondiferous blue ground, mats served for tees and dynamite was employed to blast the stones on the fairways (among many other oddities) - has finally evolved through to the current Bob Grimsdell designed parkland layout that boasts Elliot grass tee to green, which, in itself is also an oddity.

Giant Golfers

Giant Golfers in Kimberley

Giant Golfers, Kimberley offer junior golf coaching to boys and girls from ages 4-12 years. We develop their Fundamental Movement Skills as well as Golf Specific Skills using the world renowned SNAG equipment! We have fun while learning to play the game of golf!
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Kimberley Golf Club

Kimberley Golf Club in Kimberley

Located on the outskirts of South Africa’s Kimberley, the diamond miner’s sensation of old, the Kimberley golf club has enjoyed well over a hundred and twenty years of history – fitting for a town so significant in South Africa’s history. If you didn’t know, Kimberley is the location of South Africa’s most famous diamond deposits and many years ago, when this was discovered, the international diamond scene was set alight and prospectors from all the world...
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Magersfontein Memorial Golf Course

Magersfontein Memorial Golf Course in Kimberley

Magersfontein is situated near Kimberley in the Northern Cape Province and is known primarily for the Battle of Magersfontein, which was fought between the British and the Boers in 1899. However, it is also known (particularly amongst keen golfers) for its world-class golf course, which was built according to USGA standards in 2007. The course is open all year round (including Mondays), and invites its members as well as visitors to enjoy the stunning conditions and gorgeous views.
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